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my babies -  they would so make fun of Roy’s mustach

At first I just liked this beautiful art piece. Once I saw the reflections in the window it became a must-reblog.



Happy Earth Day 2014 
I wanted to do something simple because I had to work… never mind.
Anyway, it was worth it again, because I freaking love this one, even more than Chocolate!
Somebody asked me if there is a way to buy some prints of my art, yes there is! You can find Chocolate! and this one (and more) as prints in my Society6 shop!
Also, I want to thank everybody who has donated something, I really appreciate every little thing you give me for my art, especially now that I’m looking for a new job, I love every one of you. Thank you so, so much.


tools: photoshop CS5, wacom intuos4